Beginning Watercolor Supply List

Professional grade paint, such as Winsor & Newton (available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or, in these colors;

  • Rose madder or Winsor red,

  • Ultramarine blue or Cobalt blue,

  • Winsor yellow or New Gamboge. Try Michaels

Paper: You’ll need the best paper you can get. Arches blocks are great but expensive. I recommend buying your paper from me at cost, it will be about $5.50 per 22 x 30” sheet. It is Arches Cold press 140 lb. You will probably use 2 sheets. We will tear them into card-size pieces for exercises and studies. You may want to try other papers, which I will have too. 

Mixed media sketchbook, around 9 x 12”, suitable for water media. The Canson one is Ok. I highly recommend the Super Deluxe Sketchbook by Aquabee, at times I have found it locally, but you’ll probably have to order it.

Buy the best watercolor brushes you can. Sable are best but if outside your budget buy good synthetics or nylon substitutes. Buy some rounds in size 5 or 7, maybe one flat or chisel in a 4. Don’t buy a wash brush as I can provide those. If you have different brushes bring what you have.

Palette: A larger plastic one with deep wells with enough space to mix in is recommended. Mijello fusion leak-proof is around $15.00 and very good; available at Michaels.

Kleenex, paper towels, and a 2 or 4H pencil, eraser. Large plastic cups will be provided.